Alleged racism at England vs Serbia Under 21s

The game became a violent scene as the final whistle was blown at the under 21s championship game.

Angry gestures were exchanged between both players and coaching staff.

As racist remarks were made by both the Serbian team and their supporters with reports of “monkey chants” echoing around around the stadium. These allocations of racism have been flatly denied by the Serbian FA, despite the overwhelming evidence.

Pearce has confirmed that the incidents have been reported to Uefa.

“I’m proud of the reaction of players

and it’s a real shame because it was a

close game over two ties. It’s a shame

it was soured in last few minutes.”

The former ManchesterCity man praised his player reaction throughout the ugly sense despite Danny Rose being issued with his second yellow card after the final whistle. These players are paid astronomical amounts to play the game they all love.

Despite Pearce suggesting the England players kept their dignity and responded well, it could have been handled better.

Players should realise their highly rewarding career should come with certain responsibilities. If the team couldn’t walk away from this shambles with the victory and their heads held high, what kind of role models are they setting for young supporters. These young adults should have the ability to shrug off any racist comments in honour of better sports men ship.

To see the teams coaches getting involved with the drama is in many ways even more disappointing for the game. They should have been acting more responsibly by trying to defuse the situation and get there players of the pitch.

Racism, however ugly, and disappointing, is something that dose unfortunately sometimes accrue in football. Players should be taught to handle it better.

Despite the games dramas. The victory means that the Young Lions have reached their fourth successive European Under-21 Championships in a row, as manager Stuart Pearce has made history to become the first manager to guide a team to such an illustrious feat.

Research References


Here we were asked to wright another concise online article, I tried to make sure I had all the relevent and important infomation within my article. I also touched on my own opinion surrounding the subject to try and differentiate my article from other more neutral articals I came across in my research.


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