Roger Moore says Connery was the best Bond

Roger Moore says Connery was the best Bond

Dr No

From Russia with love

Gold finger


You only live twise

Above images of Connery as the first bond , Below Daniel Craig as the latest.

Casino Royal

Quantum of solace


Daniel Craig is the better Bond, and here is why?

Daniel Craig is the Only bond that has tapped in to the phsycology and mind frame of his character, exposing his mortality through human emotion. Therefore making bond more engrosing and belivable. The dark side that Daniel Craig has bought to bond was a much needed aspect, that had been missing in previous films. This has allowed the latest bond films to portry not only the high octane action sequences, gadgetry and promiscuous love affairs we would all excpect to see in a bond film, but also the mental conflict caused by bonds actions. For this reason I would undoubtedly class Craig the better bond.


This assignment allowed me to wright a comparison piece comparing one bond to the other. This allowed me to state my opinion and wright how I felt about Daniel Craig as the new bond. With the release of skyfall just around the corner, a film I was eagerly awaiting to see, the subject was of interest to me at the time.


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