4 Good ways to save money as a student

4 Good ways to save money as a student

In this article we are going to give you a few easy tips in order to help you save those pennies whilst at University. We all know the student life is pricy with accommodation fees, big nights out, and for allot of us the cost of essentials that the good old bank of mum and dad once used to folk out for. So here we go 4 simple tips to help you pocket those pennies.

1) Walking or riding a bike.

The powers that be gave us legs for a reason people! We know it may seem hard at 8 o’clock on a cold winter morning, but lets be honest, are you really that far away from campus? If a bus is going to cost you three pounds, a taxis almost a fiver and a short hikes going to cost you nothing. We’ll leave you to do the maths here…..

2) The student Rail Card

For those of you that like to mooch around the country visiting friends at different Uni’s or head home once in a while for those good old creature comforts, If you haven’t got a student rail card your practically throwing money away. Some banks such as Natwest give you one free when you open a student account. So find out if your eligible for the benefits or head down to the station and pick one up there. If you use the train regularly the money you’ll save will far exceed the cost.

3) Pre Drinks

Ok we’ll be honest some of the drinks offers out there are pretty good, but if its going to be a big one why not get ahead of the game. 8 cans from bargain booze is allot cheaper than 8 pints in town. To save even more cash, lets not get pretentious about what were drinking people. Smirnoff might be your vodka of choice, but when that Sainsbury’s own vodkas almost 8 quid cheaper, Once again we’ll let you do the maths!

4) Avoid takeaways, do a big shop at the start of the month and cook for your self.

We admit that burger and chips dose taste good on a night out, but at what cost? Fill your fridges and cupboards with scan and get yourselves a fat munch on when you get in. For further savings get down to your local market, and why not try cooking with your flat mates, if you all go quid’s in on produce you’ll find you can cook your selves a slap up meal for something like £1.50 each.






Here our assignment was to wright a short list article, I found this fairly straight forward as the artile was to be aimed at a student demographic, therefore I used a fairly informal mode of adress and wrighting style. However I found uploading my Images into a slide show extreamly difficult and could not get them to appear in the right order.


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