Proposition for my two assignments

For my first assignment , the 800 word journalistic piece I would like to use the subject of illegal raves. This would allow me to draw on experience I have through knowing people that have organised these types of events and attending various raves my self. I would speak to organisers I know and draw on my own experience. whilst researching government legislation  on why these parties are illegal and the pro’s and cons of changing the legislation, overall I would be objective to government views as I feel the legislations should be changed, to allow controlled events to be held within the law. This topic would also allow me to use photos taken by be surrounding the subject of urban exploration as it is the focus for allot of my own photography work.

For my ten piece list assignment I would like to look in to 10 ways abandoned buildings could be put in to better use. This would allow me to tie it in to my first assignment, again using my own photography work surrounding urban exploration.

This is as subject that I have often wondered about whilst exploring abandoned warehouses ect. For example the possibilities of abandoned buildings being used as registered homeless shelters, rather than illegal squats. The ratio of abandoned houses/ buildings to homeless people in this country is something that has always baffled me. I have already come up with various other ideas of how abandoned buildings could be better used to benefit communities, and would like to use this as the subject for my assignment.


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