5 Best Images

Here are my five best Images. I couldn’t get hold of Powerpoint, so I created a slide show of my images within this post.

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1) Depth of field

This is one of the photographs I took under the subject of aperture at the market in leeds. I like the view point of this image and also the way in which the light hits the subject in the foreground.

2) High Dynamic

High dynamic Imaging Is a tecnique I am interested in pursuing further as I didn’t quite perfect it on my first try. I think this is the best one of few I created under this subject, and Im happy with the look of the Image. I like the sharp colours on the caraselle at the center of the photograph.

3) Telephoto Lense

I chose this image as I think it is a good example of the things you can do with a telephoto lense, being able to capture a facial expression from a distance allows you to capture subjects (in this case people) acting naturally.

4) Artificial Lighting

This image was my favourite photograph from this photoshoot. The lighting in the image was just as I wanted it, I chose to use a low light setting with an extendable flash as I wanted to try and portray a slight the darkness around the subject.

5) Panning

This was the best of my panning images, the car seems stationary and the background is relatively blurred. I would have like to have blurred the background a little further and probably should have slightly adjusted my shutter speed for this shoot.

Origional images that have been edited on Photoshop

These are the photographs I used to create my High Dynamic Image.

Images used for H,D,R (6) Images used for H,D,R (5) Images used for H,D,R (4) Images used for H,D,R (3) Images used for H,D,R (2)

This Photograph I simply cropped bringing the focus of the image onto the people left hand side.

3 Lenses Telephoto


High Dynamic Photography

High Dynamic Photography

High dynamic range imaging (HDRI or HDR) is a set of methods used in imaging and photography to allow a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard digital imaging methods or photographic methods. HDR images can represent more accurately the range of intensity levels found in real scenes, from direct sunlight to faint starlight, and is often captured by way of a plurality of differently exposed pictures of the same subject matter.


For this assignment we were asked to take a variation of photographs in order to create high dynamic images. This was done by taking photographs of the same subjects using different levels of exposure, and then using photoshop in order to merge them together as a high dynamic image.

I did my photoshoot in leeds city center and in all I created 3 high dynamic Images. Here are the photos I used and the Images I created.

High dynamic 1


These are the origional Photographs I used to create my high dynamic image.


hi d 1

Hi d 1 (2)

Hi d 1 (3)


High dynamic 2

brapp 3

Photographs I used to create the high dynamic image.

Hi d 3

hi d 3 (3)

hi d 3 (2)

High dynamic 3


Photographs I used.

9SC_3230 9SC_3232 9SC_3234 9SC_3239 9SC_3241


This is definitely a tecnique I will use again, although I need more practice as I feel I didn’t quite master it. My last Image of the caraselle I think came out a lot better than the other two. I plan on practicing this tecnique over the Christmas holidays to see If I can come out with some better results.





Assignment 2. 10 ways abandoned buildings could be put in to better use.

10 ways abandoned building could be put to better use.

An actual figure of how many abandoned buildings there are in this country has proven to be something that’s extremely difficult to find. However its safe to say there’s a lot of them. Wasted spaces that have no benefit to the communities they exist in. Surely there could be a better use for them, providing they are in a suitable state and structurally stable. I feel there is a lot that could be done. I feel if a building is left abandoned for any period longer than 2 years it should be temporarily used by the community, whilst waiting for planning permission, refurbishment or demolition.

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Here are 10 ways I feel they could be put in to better use.

Homeless shelters

There is an estimated 1 million homeless people in the U.K half of which are sleeping ruff. Surely an abandoned warehouse sat waiting numerous years for planning permission, a buyer or a development plan could make for a temporary homeless shelter. Benefiting people in dyer situations and getting them off the streets.


Many abandoned buildings such as empty warehouses make for a perfect location to throw a party. Whether hiring them out to events organisers for things such as club nights, or to individuals. A lot of fun can be had with a big empty space and a little imagination.

Pop up Art galleries

With the subject of decay and urban exploration being a focus for a lot of my own photography work, I believe there is a lot of beauty to be found in the decay of various abandoned building I have come across. Therefore I feel they could provide a perfect location for pop up art galleries.


Small business exhibitions a could take place in abandoned warehouse’s. For example an exhibition in Leeds could provide some were for budding entrepreneurs to show case their ideas to investors.

Skate Parks

Skate boarders bmxer’s and rollerbladers would all benefit from this. keeping them of the street where they may cause damage to property as well as injury to pedestrians. The last thing you want is to be crashed into on your way home from work by a skateboarder trying to do a 360 flip down a stair case.


These empty spaces could be rented by businesses and used for storage. If provided at relatively low cost this could save businesses in the U.K a vast amount of money.

Youth Hostels

Buildings could be cleared and decorated at low cost by the council and used as open youth hostels for children, providing much needed entertainment and social space for kids.

Indoor markets

Large abandoned buildings could be used as indoor markets providing a place for sole traders and small businesses to operate in all weather conditions.

community gym

A free community gym could be created in a disused building using donated equipment, for individuals that may not be able to afford extortionate gym memberships or don’t have the space to exercise at home.

Support groups

They could possibly also be decorated at low cost and used by the council as a space for support groups such  AA meetings.

These are just ideas, and would need development before putting in to practise. It is undeniable that so much space is being wasted as buildings are left to decay when they could be used to benefit people around them.


This assignement helped me develope skills in regards to wrighting list articles. I chose a subject that tied in with my other 800 word assignment as this also allowed me to use images I had taken under the subject of urban decay. Trying to come up with 10 ways an abandoned building would benifit a community was fairly difficult although I think I managed to choose things that actually would appeal to people.




For this assignment we were asked to take a variation of photographs using different lenses. I went in to the city center at around 9 o,clock with my Nikon D200 and found a place to set up my tripod by a market on the high street.

I started with my standard lense a Sigma DG 28-300mm and went on to use both a Nikon DX AF-S Nikkor 12-24mm wide angle lens and a Sigma EX 50-500mm telephoto lens.

Lense 1 Sigma DG 28-300mm

Some of these images are a little under exposed, although from the photos you can see my view point. I stayed in exactly the same position to take my photographs using the other 2 lenses.

Lense 2 Nikon DX AF-S Nikkor 12-24mm wide angle

As you can see the field of view is much wider in these images. I oftern use my wide angle lense when photographing landscapes as it allows you to get more into the shoot, giving a better perseption of space.

Lense 3 Sigma EX 50-500mm telephoto

The telephoto lense allows you to zoom in and capture a subject from a distance. I have learnt to always have a tripod when using the lense as a slight tremmor can throw of the shot.


Although these images portray the effects of the different lenses, I feel as if they are not the best photographs as some of them are over or under exposed. I was very tierd when taking these shots as I had been up all night doing other assignments. Here are some Images taken previously that I feel better portray the effects of the lenses.

Telephoto lense

These photographs were taken from a cafe roof garden over looking a square in the Jeaa el Fnaa market during a holiday in Marrakesh.

As I took photos of unsuspecting locals at the market a fight suddenly broke out in the square. Luckily my camera was on its tripod set up and ready to go.

Wide angle lense

These Images are taken of Arnside beach on a summers day, just outside the pub I used to work in.

800 word assignment

Should It Really Be Illegal To Host A Rave? 

During the 1980s Acid House music gave birth to the rave scene, which soon became an international phenomenon. With Raves existing outside of the restrictions, and regulations of the legal club scene the British Government soon made it illegal to host these events, handing out fines and even prison sentences to organisers.

The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 was introduced with various sections designed to suppress further growth of the (free party) rave scene.

The New Act allowed police to stop a rave in the open air with 100 or more people attending, as well as 2 or more people under suspicion of preparing a rave. Section 65 allows uniformed officers to stop anyone they believe to be attending a rave within a 5 mile radius, and direct them away from the area. Any failure to do so resulting in a maximum fine of £1000.

The number of people attending an event for it to be deemed illegal was later altered in the Anti-social Behaviour Act of 2003 classing 20 or more people playing loud music both indoors or out doors as an illegal rave.

Despite government efforts raves still exist today. After attending various raves myself I honestly belive the current legislation is in need of change. Granted there are issues surrounding the rave scene however the legalisation of these (free parties) may be the answer to controling them.

I have seen police handle these situations in extreamly different ways, from arresting organisers and conferscating sound systems to containing the event and moving people on during the early hours of the morning.

Media coverage has taken various standing points on the illegal rave scene over the years, some articles glorifying (free parties) and others choosing to condemn them. My question is with public opinion being split in the regards to the legality of these raves why has the legislation still not been reviewed?

Raves or (free parties) often take place in abandoned buildings similar to this one.

So lets have a look at some of the issues involved with the illegal rave scene, the logic behind the illegalisation of (Free Parties) and weather any options can be explored to make raves less of a threat to our government.

*Breaking and entering and civil trespass

Civil trespass is not a criminal offence in this country however you can be sued by the land owner in civil court.

Breaking and entering. This is a crime, although with many raves taking place in fields or abandoned building it is often the case that organisers, and people attending don’t cause any damage to the property in order to gain access.

This could all be bypassed trough the use of common ground, as well as gaining permission from land and property owners.

Abandoned wearhouse I entered freely with out causing any damage to the property.

*Damage to property, country side and common ground

If raves were to be made legal organisers could be held responsible for there location. for example making sure no rubbish is left after the event. Maybe if they didn’t have to flee after an event people would be less reluctant to tidying up after them selves.

In terms of damage to property the majority of indoor raves I have attended have been in derelict or abandoned spaces. More damage is done over time through the decay of an abandoned building than a couple hundred people in one night.

Another building left to rot that could be an ideal place for a party.

*Noise pollution and complaints

If raves were legalised for warning could be given to close by residents. The same way a legal music festival would go about tackling this problem, legislation could be altered so that organisers would need agreement from a certain % of occupants in the area in order to host their event.

As well as this locations could be used well away from any residential areas to avoid disturbance.

* Drugs and Anti – Social Behaviour

It should be taken in to account that any individual that decides they want to use drugs is going to find a place to use them. Whether this be at home, in a night club or at an illegal rave makes no difference.

Hundreds of thousands of people choose to take drugs at legal music festivals and night clubs in the country each year, is there a major difference between where they are done.

As far as Anti – Social Behaviour goes it is normally the case of a few bad apples ruining the bunch, The majority of party goers just want to enjoy them selves.

I am not in anyway stating I have all the answers here, I am simply suggesting the legislation needs reviewing, with a less bias frame of mind and possibly a more liberal attitude. If these parties were no longer illegal the events would be less shrouded in secrecy, therefore could be more easily managed and controlled.


Writing this article allowed me to research an area of interest to me as the illegality of (free parties) is something I feel needs to be reviewed. Writing the article also allowed me to express my opinion on this subject. My research has taught me more about the laws and legislations surrounding raves as well as their history and origins.

The article is strongly opinionated although I have tried to take in to account views that conflict my own, with the aim of suggesting a more balanced solution. I used a mostly persuasive writing style although hopefully this article is also informative.

References and Research












Shutter Speed and Panning

Shutter speed and Panning

I chose to do take my photographs on the topic of traffic, as cars travelling at speed provided good subjects for my images.

Shutter speed

In Photography, shutter speed or exposure time is the effective length of time a camera’s shutter is open. The total exposure is proportional to this exposure time, or duration of light reaching the film or image sensor.

Very short shutter speeds can be used to freeze fast-moving subjects, for example at sporting events. Very long shutter speeds are used to intentionally blur a moving subject for artistic effect.


Images taken Using a short / fast shutter speed

As you can see the traffic dosen’t seem to be moving as quickly although I think I should have used an even shorter shutter speed in order to totally freeze the movement as well as a tripod to steady the camera.

Using a longer / slower shutter speed

The traffic in these images appears to be moving faster, bluring the cars and there headlights and creating a sence of speed and a more artistic affect.

These Images were taken with an even slower shutter speed from a motoway bridge close to my home.


In still photography, the panning technique is used to suggest fast motion, and bring out the subject from other elements in the frame. In photographic pictures it is usually noted by a foreground subject in action appearing still (i.e. a runner frozen in mid-stride) while the background is streaked and/or skewed in the apparently opposite direction of the subject’s travel, similar to speed lines speed lines.

This is achived by following the moving subject with the camera and using a shutter speed relevent to the speed of which the subject is moving.


Here are the photographs I have taken using the panning tecnique.


I successfully managed to freeze the subjects in motion using the panning tecnique although would have preffered my images to have had a streaked background, this could have been achived by using a greater length of exposure. despite this I am happy with the Images I came back with after this photoshoot.