Artificial Lighting

This photography was done under the topic of artificial lighting I used Sigma EF-530 DGST attachable flash for my photos, after convincing a flat mate to be a model for the shoot. We scrambled through bushes and over walls in the pitch black to get into a large derelict site across from are accommodation as the decrepid walls and various piece of graffiti made for an interesting back drop.

This was the first photo using the maximum flash setting, as you can see the image is quite bright, the attachable flash is extreamly effective as the photograph was taken in pitch black. I adjusted the settings of the flash as I wanted to portray the darkness in the images.

These Images were taken using the minimum flash setting.

As you can see these images are much darker I preffer the brightness of these photos as I feel it portrays the fact they were taken at night alot better.

Other lighting tecniques I could have used include, Reflectors and studio lighting.


Over all I think this photoshoot went well, the Sigma EF-530 DGST was very effective. It would have been good to have used some other lighting techniques as well as mabey experimenting with a larger range of settings in order to try a wider variation of brightness throughout the shoot.


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