Panoramic Photography

Panoramic Photography

For this assiagnment we were asked to take various photographs and use them to create a panoramic image, This is done by taking a series of images and then blending them together to create a new image with a wider field of view.

To take my Origional Photographs I took my camera along with a tripod in to a disused space opposite Opal 1, here are the photos I decided to use.

Photos For Panoramic Image 1


Here is my first Panoramic Image

My panoramic image was created on Photoshop CS4 the process was fairly straight forward using this softwear. Here is another panoramic image I created.


I found this task fairly straight forward. After taking my Images I watched a few youtube tutorials on how to create a panoramic image using photoshop. After learning what to do I created my panoramic images and am fairly happy with there out come. When taking my images I used a tripod as this allowed me to make sure my images would line up as the camera was stable for each shot.


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