Apature and depth of field

Apature and depth of field

For this assignment we were asked to take photographs using apature and depth of field at the market in leeds city center. Here are my images.

1) Granny Smiths

2) Bannanas

Photoshop edit

This edit was created by using the magnetic lasso tool to select the bannanas then selecting the inverse and turning it black and white. I also slightly edited the brightness and contrast.

3) Roses

4) Garlic

5) Millions

Looking back at this image on my computer screen iv noticed this picture is slightly out of focus. I would have benefited from using a tripod here as this is most likely from the camera wobbling.

6) Apple Rings

Photoshop edit

Here I used exactly the same method as before, turning the back ground black and white as well as slightly adjusting the brightness and contrast. However the magnetic tool didnt select the area perfectly so I had to use the clone stamp tool to redefine the edges. This was difficult and probably could have been done better.

7) More Bannanas

8) Lights

For this photo I adjusted the exposure to make the image darker and the lights stand out.

9) Hangging Things

10) Nuts


If I were to do this photoshoot again I would have deffinately taken a tripod. However this may have been hard to use on a busy saterday in the Market but would have prevented some of my images from being slightly out of focus.


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