Iconic Images

Iconic Images

We were put in to groups and asked to head out around campus and take photographs mimicking iconic images. Here are the pictures are group came back with, as well as the origional images we copied.

Afgani girl by Steve Mccurry


Unfortunately no one in are group had the same unique eye colour as the afgani girl in the origional, although we tryed to copy the Image as close as we could.

Photoshop edit

Here I used the magnetic lasso tool to select the various areas I wanted to change the colour of. Matching the eyes was extreamly difficult. Although the edited image is closer to the origional the eyes aren’t quite right.

 Abbey road, and The Beatles by Iain Macmillan


As you can see the image was over exposed making it much to bright. We are also walking across the road the opposite way and out of sync with the origional.

Photoshop edit

For this photo I altered the exposure the offset and the gamma correction. Although the edit still dosen’t have the grainy effect of the origional.

Execution photo by Eddie Adams


For this Image we had to make do with the props we had to hand. Looking back at the origional you can see the executioner is facing the wrong way, and are facial expressions dont match.

Photoshop edit

Here I firstly adjusted the brigntness and contrast as well as the exposure before making the Image black and white.

Construction workers at the Empire State building by Lewis Hine


Again the image has been over exposed, As well as this the view point of the image dosen’t match up.

Photoshop edit

Again I adjusted the exposure as well as the brightness and contrast then made the image black and white to match the origional.

Tommie Smith and John Carlos, at the Mexico City olympics 1968. By John Dominis


This image is also over exposed, as well as this we couldn’t use 3 guys for the photograph as I was the only boy in are group.

Photoshop edit

Firstly I slightly cropped this image to remove some of the background. I then adjusted the exposure, brightness and contast before making the image black and white.


Many of are photos were over exposed although I have tryed to adjust this in my edits. Taking the photographs was difficult as we were limited by a lack of props and settings. I tried to make my edits as close to the origionals as possible, although some of them could use some more work using other photoshop tecniques.


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