For this assignment we were asked to take a variation of photographs using different lenses. I went in to the city center at around 9 o,clock with my Nikon D200 and found a place to set up my tripod by a market on the high street.

I started with my standard lense a Sigma DG 28-300mm and went on to use both a Nikon DX AF-S Nikkor 12-24mm wide angle lens and a Sigma EX 50-500mm telephoto lens.

Lense 1 Sigma DG 28-300mm

Some of these images are a little under exposed, although from the photos you can see my view point. I stayed in exactly the same position to take my photographs using the other 2 lenses.

Lense 2 Nikon DX AF-S Nikkor 12-24mm wide angle

As you can see the field of view is much wider in these images. I oftern use my wide angle lense when photographing landscapes as it allows you to get more into the shoot, giving a better perseption of space.

Lense 3 Sigma EX 50-500mm telephoto

The telephoto lense allows you to zoom in and capture a subject from a distance. I have learnt to always have a tripod when using the lense as a slight tremmor can throw of the shot.


Although these images portray the effects of the different lenses, I feel as if they are not the best photographs as some of them are over or under exposed. I was very tierd when taking these shots as I had been up all night doing other assignments. Here are some Images taken previously that I feel better portray the effects of the lenses.

Telephoto lense

These photographs were taken from a cafe roof garden over looking a square in the Jeaa el Fnaa market during a holiday in Marrakesh.

As I took photos of unsuspecting locals at the market a fight suddenly broke out in the square. Luckily my camera was on its tripod set up and ready to go.

Wide angle lense

These Images are taken of Arnside beach on a summers day, just outside the pub I used to work in.


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