Assignment 2. 10 ways abandoned buildings could be put in to better use.

10 ways abandoned building could be put to better use.

An actual figure of how many abandoned buildings there are in this country has proven to be something that’s extremely difficult to find. However its safe to say there’s a lot of them. Wasted spaces that have no benefit to the communities they exist in. Surely there could be a better use for them, providing they are in a suitable state and structurally stable. I feel there is a lot that could be done. I feel if a building is left abandoned for any period longer than 2 years it should be temporarily used by the community, whilst waiting for planning permission, refurbishment or demolition.

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Here are 10 ways I feel they could be put in to better use.

Homeless shelters

There is an estimated 1 million homeless people in the U.K half of which are sleeping ruff. Surely an abandoned warehouse sat waiting numerous years for planning permission, a buyer or a development plan could make for a temporary homeless shelter. Benefiting people in dyer situations and getting them off the streets.


Many abandoned buildings such as empty warehouses make for a perfect location to throw a party. Whether hiring them out to events organisers for things such as club nights, or to individuals. A lot of fun can be had with a big empty space and a little imagination.

Pop up Art galleries

With the subject of decay and urban exploration being a focus for a lot of my own photography work, I believe there is a lot of beauty to be found in the decay of various abandoned building I have come across. Therefore I feel they could provide a perfect location for pop up art galleries.


Small business exhibitions a could take place in abandoned warehouse’s. For example an exhibition in Leeds could provide some were for budding entrepreneurs to show case their ideas to investors.

Skate Parks

Skate boarders bmxer’s and rollerbladers would all benefit from this. keeping them of the street where they may cause damage to property as well as injury to pedestrians. The last thing you want is to be crashed into on your way home from work by a skateboarder trying to do a 360 flip down a stair case.


These empty spaces could be rented by businesses and used for storage. If provided at relatively low cost this could save businesses in the U.K a vast amount of money.

Youth Hostels

Buildings could be cleared and decorated at low cost by the council and used as open youth hostels for children, providing much needed entertainment and social space for kids.

Indoor markets

Large abandoned buildings could be used as indoor markets providing a place for sole traders and small businesses to operate in all weather conditions.

community gym

A free community gym could be created in a disused building using donated equipment, for individuals that may not be able to afford extortionate gym memberships or don’t have the space to exercise at home.

Support groups

They could possibly also be decorated at low cost and used by the council as a space for support groups such  AA meetings.

These are just ideas, and would need development before putting in to practise. It is undeniable that so much space is being wasted as buildings are left to decay when they could be used to benefit people around them.


This assignement helped me develope skills in regards to wrighting list articles. I chose a subject that tied in with my other 800 word assignment as this also allowed me to use images I had taken under the subject of urban decay. Trying to come up with 10 ways an abandoned building would benifit a community was fairly difficult although I think I managed to choose things that actually would appeal to people.



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