5 Best Images

Here are my five best Images. I couldn’t get hold of Powerpoint, so I created a slide show of my images within this post.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1) Depth of field

This is one of the photographs I took under the subject of aperture at the market in leeds. I like the view point of this image and also the way in which the light hits the subject in the foreground.

2) High Dynamic

High dynamic Imaging Is a tecnique I am interested in pursuing further as I didn’t quite perfect it on my first try. I think this is the best one of few I created under this subject, and Im happy with the look of the Image. I like the sharp colours on the caraselle at the center of the photograph.

3) Telephoto Lense

I chose this image as I think it is a good example of the things you can do with a telephoto lense, being able to capture a facial expression from a distance allows you to capture subjects (in this case people) acting naturally.

4) Artificial Lighting

This image was my favourite photograph from this photoshoot. The lighting in the image was just as I wanted it, I chose to use a low light setting with an extendable flash as I wanted to try and portray a slight the darkness around the subject.

5) Panning

This was the best of my panning images, the car seems stationary and the background is relatively blurred. I would have like to have blurred the background a little further and probably should have slightly adjusted my shutter speed for this shoot.

Origional images that have been edited on Photoshop

These are the photographs I used to create my High Dynamic Image.

Images used for H,D,R (6) Images used for H,D,R (5) Images used for H,D,R (4) Images used for H,D,R (3) Images used for H,D,R (2)

This Photograph I simply cropped bringing the focus of the image onto the people left hand side.

3 Lenses Telephoto


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