Film Genre

Genre is a means of categorising texts and is done by both audiences and producers. A text is most commonly categorised by iconography, mise en scene and semiotics. Tools that relate a text into a certain category through the use of codes and conventions as well as audience expectations, in relation to other texts.

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Genre – Crime

This movie would fall under the genre of crime as its storyline is based around various criminal acts. The film is set around London’s criminal under world with various characters being gangsters, drug dealers and debt collectors. For example Vinnie Jones’s character (Big Tony). These are all elements that could be expected from a British film that falls within the crime genre. Therefore audiences are likely to relate to its Iconography using cultural reference and connotations in order to categorise it under the Crime genre.

For example, audiences see an image of a sawn off shot gun and instantly relay it to what they know. A sawn off shot gun is an illegal weapon, this instantly suggests crime and violence.


Although this film falls under the genre of crime there can also be an element of comedy found within the films dialog and narrative.

Warrior – Drama


Although this film is based around the subject of Mixed Martial Arts i.e Cage fighting and could be seen as a film that would fall under the genre of Sports or Action. The movies narrative definitely suggests drama. With the films main focus being around the broken relationships between both farter and son as well as the two brothers that end up face to face in the ring. Drama often plays of human emotion relaying individuals feelings towards a situation for audiences to relate to.


Anchorman – Comedy


The first thing that suggests this film is a comedy is the casting of Will Ferrell, an actor that is well known under the genre of comedy. This creates audience expectations, that this film will be funny as they relate to what they know.

Constant jokes throughout the films narrative cement this movie under the genre of comedy.


Black Hawk Down – Action , War

Black_hawk_down_ver1 black-hawk-down

Firstly audiences may relate the movies title to the true event the story line is based around depending on there cultural reference and knowledge of its happening.

Others may categorise this film through what they see as it plays out. For example military uniforms instantly suggest war. Whilst shootouts and explosions suggest action to its audience.

“Yet….. this process of classification dose not systematically organise films into genres. this is because the boundaries between film genres are fuzzy, rather than clearly delineated. Moreover, genres are not static but evolve, therefore, there common attributes change over time. Most films are hybrid genres, since they possess the common attributes of more than one genre.”

– Film Studies By Warren Buckland



This tasked helped refresh my memory when applying genre theory to media texts such as film and photography. This is something I had learnt in A- level media. It was useful to go back over theories such as semiotics, codes conventions and signifiers. As it can all be applied when analysing photographers work.


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