For this task we were asked to look at this photograph by Anastasia Rudenko and answer the following questions.


Identify the signifiers in this picture?

The painting in the back ground of a Russian castle, Military uniforms, Shaven heads and young white Men.

What do they signify?

The painting in the picture can relate to patriotism as it is of a Russian land mark, it may also relate to the soviet union and is likely to be up on the wall in order to pay homage to these ideals. Military uniforms suggest an army or militant group. The shaven heads could relate to both the military and also fascists groups such as Neo fascists that can be found in Russia, the fact all the men in the image are white also suggests this.

What does the signifier and it’s signified form when combined?

They form an understanding of an image that may vary between viewers due to their knowledge, experience and understanding of a code or signifier. For me this image portray either a soviet military meeting or a Neo fascist gathering. This is drawn from both my knowledge surrounding the subject of the image, as well as my interpretation of what I am viewing.

What codes are you using to interpret the signifiers in the picture?

When looking at an image we often use connotations, relaying what we see i.e. a military uniform to what we know or understand, for example an army or war, Creating a relationship between what we are viewing and are understanding of it. These symbolic codes such as the shaven heads of the men in the image create an understanding of an image formed by an individuals interpretation.


This task has firstly introduced me to a photographer I have not yet come across, as well as allowed me to look in depth at their work. It also helped me to analyse an images deeper meaning through the use of semiotics and signifiers.


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