For this assignment we were asked to take a bus or a train to a place we haven’t been before, with me being me I didn’t do this. Instead I took a train to Manchester a city I know reasonably well and then a bus from Oxford Road to Fallowfield to meet a friend I was going out with latter that night. I arrived In Manchester relatively early giving me most of the day to wander the city with my camera before moving on to Fallowfield. I took numerous Photographs of the city from various viewpoints such as platform 13 at Piccadilly Station, the top floor of the multi-storey car park in the northern quarter, and various street corners. I tried to take photographs of sights I had previously seen in the city and thought would make a good photograph.

Platform 13

9SC_0240 9SC_0249

Buildings outside the station


Piccadilly Gardens



Sculpture In The Northern Quarter


Views From the Top floor Car park

9SC_0282 9SC_0284 9SC_0287


The Palace theatre on Oxford Road


This Photo shoot became split in to two parts as I continued to take photographs on the bus to Fallowfield, by this time it had gone dark allowing me to capture the city in a new light.

Oxford Road



On The Bus

9SC_0400 9SC_0403

As I took pictures through the window of the bus I noticed I could also capture the reflection of the other side of the road and the people behind me, adding a surrealist aspect to my Images.

9SC_0406 9SC_0417 9SC_0418

This Image of a musician crossing the road with his guitar on his back is my favourite picture from the shoot. I’m unsure why, it just seems to appeal to me.

9SC_0442 9SC_0448

After Looking back across these picture I felt the night time images, especially those taken on the bus, better portrayed the madness the city. I then took 3 of these images and enhanced their surrealism using various Photoshop techniques.

Here are my edited images.

edit 1

edit 3

edit 4


Over all I think this assignment went well, I feel I captured the essence of the city and although I didn’t do exactly what I was asked, I believe I made this task my own covering the city in different lights from different view points. If the point of going some where we had never been was to discover, then I guess the point of my shoot was to rediscover.

Here Is some more travel Photography taken my me In Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains.

9SC_6186 9SC_6247 9SC_6285 9SC_6492 9SC_6553 9SC_6570 9SC_6935 9SC_6949


As I was stood on a roof top coffee garden taking photographs of the views out across the market place, a fight suddenly broke out between locals in the busy court yard below me. Luckily I had my camera at the ready.

9SC_7015 9SC_7026 9SC_7028


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