Image and text

For this task we were asked to chose from a variety of images and then add a headline or a caption to the images we had chosen.

edit 3 copy ironic

owned-ouch-pw3d-15 copy

As you can see the images I chose were fairly humours, therefore I tried to add something funny within the text. With the second image I mimicked the text on the lorry whilst slightly changing it to for comedy value. With the 3rd image I copied the Fedex logo and added a small caption to make it seem like a funny advert.

Here we were asked to do the same thing using two of are own images.

9SC_3610 copy 9SC_9863 copy

With the first image I simply took the opportunity to make one of my friends look stupid by taking a relatively funny picture of him trying to have two phone conversations at once, and adding this text. The second image uses one of my favourite photographs. I then added a famous quote from the film (The shinning) as I thought it was in fitting with the image especially as the person in the photograph is named Jonny.

Image and text is a combination used constantly in the would we live in. It can be absorbed instantly and often subliminally as we pass bus stop advertising or flick through channels on the TV. Its used in magazines, newspapers on billboards, buses and the list goes on……..

Here are some more examples of Image and text.


Image and text used for album covers.






In Newspapers

News_Citizen-150208 newspaper-article-14 titanic-newspaper-article-7

Movie Posters




With the exception of news papers using a simple and generic black ink and plane font, other texts tend to use text font and colour that is in fitting with the image, in order to make the overall appearance aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some examples of advertising my company (Frontline Leeds) have used to promote are brand and club nights.

Design Used as a Facebook Banner to promote are next night online.


Brand Logo




There are many things that come under consideration when creating texts like this, The finished product needs to catch the eye of the viewer and also contain all the relevant information. Text layout, font and the background image all have to be aesthetically pleasing and in fitting with each other.


This task has caused me to look into different ways image and texts can be coupled together and how different styles can be used to fit different texts.


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