News Photography

For this assignment we were asked to look at two news stories with two different types of coverage and assess how they differ.

The two stories I have chosen are about 3 UK soldiers that were recently killed in an armoured vehicle by a road side bomb in Afghanistan. One of these articles is form the Telegraph and the other is from BBC news.

Photograph from The Telegraphs article.


Photograph from the BBC news article.


Both these stories cover the same incident however the Telegraph article puts its main focus on David Cameron with no mention of the men who were killed or their positions in the military.

The article written by the BBC news focuses more on the men that were killed, their loved ones and the sacrifice they made for their country.

Both the addresser and the addressee are extremely different for these two texts.

The Telegraph

Here the addresser take’s a political standing on the coverage of this article. Basing the piece around David Cameron looking into the safety of the armoured vehicle the soldiers were in. The article quotes spokesmen, Nick Clegg and David Cameron suggesting a political incite into the matter in hand. This in turn suggests the addressee is likely to have an opinion on political agendas, and if they don’t one is likely to be created through reading this article.

For example why is David Cameron looking into the £1 million pound vehicle these three men died in. This heavily armoured vehicle that is said to be most resilient to road side bombs and favoured by soldier’s as the safest option.

Maybe David Cameron is looking to make cut backs to the M.O.D’s budget. After this incident he may decide these vehicles don’t properly do their job, and are therefore are no longer a necessity. This is simply an Idea raised from the kind of questions bought up by the political standing of this article.


This article is written more for the common reader with its basis being more on what happened and the soldiers that were lost. The article puts the addressee in a position of pity and draws a negative conclusion on the war in Afghanistan the natural political position of the addresser tells us about the institution from which the article came. With the BBC being paid for and created for the people it can often be seen to cover articles in the ways we what to read them. For example the article focuses on the knock on effect of losing a loved one for the soldiers families and partners. With a quote from a soldiers wife on how devastated she is to have lost him. This article over all portrays a negative view on the war, an opinion that seems to be shared by the majority. It is clear that this article was written by the addresser with this in mind.


This article has helped me look deeper in to news article and the institutions they come from. It has also helped be look deeper in to the standing point of the addresser and the addressee, how articles can be written to incite a feeling or provoke an idea. As well as this it has helped me to understand why the addresser might take a certain position when creating a text, what might be their agenda or goal for the piece they have created.


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