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Should It Really Be Illegal To Host A Rave? 

During the 1980s Acid House music gave birth to the rave scene, which soon became an international phenomenon. With Raves existing outside of the restrictions, and regulations of the legal club scene the British Government soon made it illegal to host these events, handing out fines and even prison sentences to organisers.

The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 was introduced with various sections designed to suppress further growth of the (free party) rave scene.

The New Act allowed police to stop a rave in the open air with 100 or more people attending, as well as 2 or more people under suspicion of preparing a rave. Section 65 allows uniformed officers to stop anyone they believe to be attending a rave within a 5 mile radius, and direct them away from the area. Any failure to do so resulting in a maximum fine of £1000.

The number of people attending an event for it to be deemed illegal was later altered in the Anti-social Behaviour Act of 2003 classing 20 or more people playing loud music both indoors or out doors as an illegal rave.

Despite government efforts raves still exist today. After attending various raves myself I honestly belive the current legislation is in need of change. Granted there are issues surrounding the rave scene however the legalisation of these (free parties) may be the answer to controling them.

I have seen police handle these situations in extreamly different ways, from arresting organisers and conferscating sound systems to containing the event and moving people on during the early hours of the morning.

Media coverage has taken various standing points on the illegal rave scene over the years, some articles glorifying (free parties) and others choosing to condemn them. My question is with public opinion being split in the regards to the legality of these raves why has the legislation still not been reviewed?

Raves or (free parties) often take place in abandoned buildings similar to this one.

So lets have a look at some of the issues involved with the illegal rave scene, the logic behind the illegalisation of (Free Parties) and weather any options can be explored to make raves less of a threat to our government.

*Breaking and entering and civil trespass

Civil trespass is not a criminal offence in this country however you can be sued by the land owner in civil court.

Breaking and entering. This is a crime, although with many raves taking place in fields or abandoned building it is often the case that organisers, and people attending don’t cause any damage to the property in order to gain access.

This could all be bypassed trough the use of common ground, as well as gaining permission from land and property owners.

Abandoned wearhouse I entered freely with out causing any damage to the property.

*Damage to property, country side and common ground

If raves were to be made legal organisers could be held responsible for there location. for example making sure no rubbish is left after the event. Maybe if they didn’t have to flee after an event people would be less reluctant to tidying up after them selves.

In terms of damage to property the majority of indoor raves I have attended have been in derelict or abandoned spaces. More damage is done over time through the decay of an abandoned building than a couple hundred people in one night.

Another building left to rot that could be an ideal place for a party.

*Noise pollution and complaints

If raves were legalised for warning could be given to close by residents. The same way a legal music festival would go about tackling this problem, legislation could be altered so that organisers would need agreement from a certain % of occupants in the area in order to host their event.

As well as this locations could be used well away from any residential areas to avoid disturbance.

* Drugs and Anti – Social Behaviour

It should be taken in to account that any individual that decides they want to use drugs is going to find a place to use them. Whether this be at home, in a night club or at an illegal rave makes no difference.

Hundreds of thousands of people choose to take drugs at legal music festivals and night clubs in the country each year, is there a major difference between where they are done.

As far as Anti – Social Behaviour goes it is normally the case of a few bad apples ruining the bunch, The majority of party goers just want to enjoy them selves.

I am not in anyway stating I have all the answers here, I am simply suggesting the legislation needs reviewing, with a less bias frame of mind and possibly a more liberal attitude. If these parties were no longer illegal the events would be less shrouded in secrecy, therefore could be more easily managed and controlled.


Writing this article allowed me to research an area of interest to me as the illegality of (free parties) is something I feel needs to be reviewed. Writing the article also allowed me to express my opinion on this subject. My research has taught me more about the laws and legislations surrounding raves as well as their history and origins.

The article is strongly opinionated although I have tried to take in to account views that conflict my own, with the aim of suggesting a more balanced solution. I used a mostly persuasive writing style although hopefully this article is also informative.

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Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha

We were asked to choose 20 photographs and discuss each image, here are my 20 images.

1) Robet Capa D-day landing


Robet Capa is one of my all time favourite photojournalists. When Capa returned with his film from the D-Day landings a young dark room eprentise burnt the mojority of the film leaving capa with 11 frames, that he had risked his life for. Robert Capa died with a camera in his hand when he stepped on a land mine in 1954.

2) I have no Idea who took this photograph


I choose this photograph as I snowboard myself, Unfortunately im nowhere near as good as this. I plan on eventually doing a season In france and taking some time to try a little sports photography.

3) Rio by Christian Heeb


I love this photo of the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio, it was taken by Christian Heeb and featured in National Geographic I like the way he caputures the light, leaving an orange sky in the Image.

4) Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston 1965 taken by Neil Leifer


This is a very famous photograph of Ali that can be seen on posters and prints world wide, I like the aggression captured on Ali’s face.

5) Photo by Sarolta Bán


Sarolta Bán is a self-taught photo manipulator based in Budapest, Hungary, she combines multiple ordinary objects or ideas to create something entirely unusual and, therefore, fascinating.

6) The Sudan Famine, Kevin Carter


The photo is the “Pulitzer Prize” winning photo taken in 1994 during the Sudan Famine. The picture depicts stricken child crawling towards an United Nations food camp, located a kilometer away.

Three months later after taking the photo Kevin Carter committed suicide due to depression.

7) Buddhist monk from Vietnam, Malcolm Browne

Famous photo, Burning Monk


On June 11, 1963, Thich Quang Duc, a Buddhist monk from Vietnam, burned himself to death at a busy intersection in downtown Saigon to bring attention to the repressive policies of the Catholic Diem regime that controlled the South Vietnamese government at the time. Buddhist monks asked the regime to lift its ban on flying the traditional Buddhist flag, to grant Buddhism the same rights as Catholicism, to stop detaining Buddhists and to give Buddhist monks and nuns the right to practice and spread their religion.

While burning Thich Quang Duc didn’t moved a muscle.

8) Photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson


I like this photo as for me it opposes unanswerable questions questions, such as where is the man on the bike going to? And where dose the stair case lead?

9) Photograph of Banksy’s work on the West Bank of the Apartheid wall Bethlehem / Palestine.


I think this is a great piece of art, and social commentary, this photo seems as if it has also been edited with a slight tint giving it a visual edge. Over all this is just a great image and a clever work of art.

10) Chernobyl by Timm Suess


I have looked at various pieces of work on chernobyl by Timm Suess and they are all outstanding. Im extreamly interested in Urban exploration and decay as a basis for photography, and chernobyl seems the ideal place to do it. Other great examples of work on decay can be found in the book (Beauty in Decay: Urbex: The Art of Urban Exploration).

11) Photo by Andrew Brooks


I came across this image whilst working on this assignment, and think its a great photograph. To me it portrays a childish naivety and idealistic view of the world. As well as depicting a future generation glancing at what has been left for them.

12) Anti-Vietnam protest by Marc Riboud


This photograph was taken by Marc Riboud in 1967 at an anti-Vietnam protest in Washington. I like the junkster position portrayed between War and Peace in this image. I wonder whether binary opposites well ever be as well depicted in a single image as they are in this photo.

13) Photo by Stanley Forman


During a fire in a Boston apartment building, the fire escape collapses and a woman falls down with her daughter to the street below. The woman died on impact, but miraculously the child survived. The photograph won the 1975 World Press Award.

14) Photo by Jean-Marc Bouju


This photo was taken during the Iraq war and depicts a prisoner with hood over his head comforting his son at a holding center. To me this Image portrays so much raw emotion, with the hood over the mans head you can only wonder as to what his facial expression could be. The photo won the World Press Award in 2003.

15) Photo by Philippe Halsman

Philippe Halsman


Philippe Halsman is a photographer I have researched in regards to my work surrounding surrealism. I like the comical aspect to this image and wonder weather the rhinos head is real.

16) Photo of Eddie The Eagle


Michael Edwards (born 5 December 1963), better known as Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards, is a British skier who was the first competitor to represent Great Britain in Olypic Ski Jumping with Very little training Minimal funding, and bad eye sight that ment he had to wear glasses at all times he came last in both his events at the 1988 Olympics. You have to love the guy for trying thow.

17) Photo of John Herbert Dillinger


If you’ve ever seen the film Public Enemies staring johnny depp, its about this man.

John Herbert Dillinger, Jr. (June 22, 1903 – July 22, 1934) was an American ban robber in the Depression-era of the United States. His gang robbed two dozen banks and four police stations, and Dillinger escaped from jail twice. Dillinger was also charged with, but never convicted of, the murder.

This man was one of the driving forces behind the development and introduction of the FBI.

18) The Prodigy V festival 2008


I choose this Image as this was one of the best live music acts I have ever seen unfortunately for my best friend how was also planning on watching them headline the festival, He fell asleep in his tent and missed it.

19) Hurricane Katrina by Lisa Krantz


I think this is a great photo that depicts the struggle many people went through during as well as in the aftermath of the hurricane that hit new orleans in 2005. One of the 5 deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States taking the lives of at least 1,833 people.

20) Photo of Frank Abagnale


Frank Abagnale was a confidence trickster, check forger, Impostor and escape artist. He became notorious in the 1960s for passing $2.5 million worth of meticulously forged checks across 26 countries over the course of five years, beginning when he was 16 years old. The film based on his live Catch me If You Can is one of my favorite films and a must see for anyone who hasn’t already watched it.


Proposition for my two assignments

For my first assignment , the 800 word journalistic piece I would like to use the subject of illegal raves. This would allow me to draw on experience I have through knowing people that have organised these types of events and attending various raves my self. I would speak to organisers I know and draw on my own experience. whilst researching government legislation  on why these parties are illegal and the pro’s and cons of changing the legislation, overall I would be objective to government views as I feel the legislations should be changed, to allow controlled events to be held within the law. This topic would also allow me to use photos taken by be surrounding the subject of urban exploration as it is the focus for allot of my own photography work.

For my ten piece list assignment I would like to look in to 10 ways abandoned buildings could be put in to better use. This would allow me to tie it in to my first assignment, again using my own photography work surrounding urban exploration.

This is as subject that I have often wondered about whilst exploring abandoned warehouses ect. For example the possibilities of abandoned buildings being used as registered homeless shelters, rather than illegal squats. The ratio of abandoned houses/ buildings to homeless people in this country is something that has always baffled me. I have already come up with various other ideas of how abandoned buildings could be better used to benefit communities, and would like to use this as the subject for my assignment.

4 Good ways to save money as a student

4 Good ways to save money as a student

In this article we are going to give you a few easy tips in order to help you save those pennies whilst at University. We all know the student life is pricy with accommodation fees, big nights out, and for allot of us the cost of essentials that the good old bank of mum and dad once used to folk out for. So here we go 4 simple tips to help you pocket those pennies.

1) Walking or riding a bike.

The powers that be gave us legs for a reason people! We know it may seem hard at 8 o’clock on a cold winter morning, but lets be honest, are you really that far away from campus? If a bus is going to cost you three pounds, a taxis almost a fiver and a short hikes going to cost you nothing. We’ll leave you to do the maths here…..

2) The student Rail Card

For those of you that like to mooch around the country visiting friends at different Uni’s or head home once in a while for those good old creature comforts, If you haven’t got a student rail card your practically throwing money away. Some banks such as Natwest give you one free when you open a student account. So find out if your eligible for the benefits or head down to the station and pick one up there. If you use the train regularly the money you’ll save will far exceed the cost.

3) Pre Drinks

Ok we’ll be honest some of the drinks offers out there are pretty good, but if its going to be a big one why not get ahead of the game. 8 cans from bargain booze is allot cheaper than 8 pints in town. To save even more cash, lets not get pretentious about what were drinking people. Smirnoff might be your vodka of choice, but when that Sainsbury’s own vodkas almost 8 quid cheaper, Once again we’ll let you do the maths!

4) Avoid takeaways, do a big shop at the start of the month and cook for your self.

We admit that burger and chips dose taste good on a night out, but at what cost? Fill your fridges and cupboards with scan and get yourselves a fat munch on when you get in. For further savings get down to your local market, and why not try cooking with your flat mates, if you all go quid’s in on produce you’ll find you can cook your selves a slap up meal for something like £1.50 each.






Here our assignment was to wright a short list article, I found this fairly straight forward as the artile was to be aimed at a student demographic, therefore I used a fairly informal mode of adress and wrighting style. However I found uploading my Images into a slide show extreamly difficult and could not get them to appear in the right order.

Londons Burning

London’s Burning

The Nationwide Madness , first accrued on the 7th of August 2011, after a protest in Tottenham following the death of Mark Duggan , who was shot dead by police earlier that month.

The violence erupted when large numbers of police arrived to disperse the demonstration. Violent clashes with the police broke out along with the destruction of numerous police vehicles, along with the magistrates’ court and a double Decker bus various civilian homes and businesses became the targets of vandalism and arson. Looting accrued throughout the night in TottenhamHaleRetailPark and Wood Green.

The next day similar scene were to spread across London, with rioting violence and looting taking place in Hackney, Brixton, Chingford, Peckham, Enfield, Croydon, Ealing, East Ham and Battersea.

From the 8th until the 10th of August other cities and small towns in England witnessed what was described by the media as copy cat violence, with rioting and looting taking place nationwide including Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Bristol.

The cause of the madness was strongly debated across various media platforms throughout the duration of the rioting, media speculation was often focused on the youth of today and underlying social tension, this caused further controversy as the riots seemed almost glorified, by various media institutions.

The British Prime Minister David Cameron returned early from a holiday in Italy to attend the matter. All police leave was cancelled and Parliament was recalled on the 11th of August to debate the situation.

As of the 15 of August 2011 roughly 3,100 arrests had been made of whom over 1,00 had been charged, Arrests, Charges and court proceedings still continue, with some of the most serious cases including charges for murder.

Along with 5 deaths at least 16 others were critically injured as a direct result of the violent acts. An estimated £200 million worth of property damage was incurred, and national economic activity was significantly compromised.

The riots have generated significant ongoing debate among political, social and academic figures in regards to the causes and context in which they happened.


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This assignment tought me how to right a short journalistic piece for an online article. I learnt that the article needs to be fairly concise, as online readers tend to not read as many in depth articles. I also learnt more about the articles subject through my research, this was intresting as it was a fairly recent event.

Alleged racism at England vs Serbia Under 21s

The game became a violent scene as the final whistle was blown at the under 21s championship game.

Angry gestures were exchanged between both players and coaching staff.

As racist remarks were made by both the Serbian team and their supporters with reports of “monkey chants” echoing around around the stadium. These allocations of racism have been flatly denied by the Serbian FA, despite the overwhelming evidence.

Pearce has confirmed that the incidents have been reported to Uefa.

“I’m proud of the reaction of players

and it’s a real shame because it was a

close game over two ties. It’s a shame

it was soured in last few minutes.”

The former ManchesterCity man praised his player reaction throughout the ugly sense despite Danny Rose being issued with his second yellow card after the final whistle. These players are paid astronomical amounts to play the game they all love.

Despite Pearce suggesting the England players kept their dignity and responded well, it could have been handled better.

Players should realise their highly rewarding career should come with certain responsibilities. If the team couldn’t walk away from this shambles with the victory and their heads held high, what kind of role models are they setting for young supporters. These young adults should have the ability to shrug off any racist comments in honour of better sports men ship.

To see the teams coaches getting involved with the drama is in many ways even more disappointing for the game. They should have been acting more responsibly by trying to defuse the situation and get there players of the pitch.

Racism, however ugly, and disappointing, is something that dose unfortunately sometimes accrue in football. Players should be taught to handle it better.

Despite the games dramas. The victory means that the Young Lions have reached their fourth successive European Under-21 Championships in a row, as manager Stuart Pearce has made history to become the first manager to guide a team to such an illustrious feat.


Research References





Here we were asked to wright another concise online article, I tried to make sure I had all the relevent and important infomation within my article. I also touched on my own opinion surrounding the subject to try and differentiate my article from other more neutral articals I came across in my research.

Roger Moore says Connery was the best Bond

Roger Moore says Connery was the best Bond

Dr No


From Russia with love


Gold finger




You only live twise


Above images of Connery as the first bond , Below Daniel Craig as the latest.

Casino Royal


Quantum of solace




Daniel Craig is the better Bond, and here is why?

Daniel Craig is the Only bond that has tapped in to the phsycology and mind frame of his character, exposing his mortality through human emotion. Therefore making bond more engrosing and belivable. The dark side that Daniel Craig has bought to bond was a much needed aspect, that had been missing in previous films. This has allowed the latest bond films to portry not only the high octane action sequences, gadgetry and promiscuous love affairs we would all excpect to see in a bond film, but also the mental conflict caused by bonds actions. For this reason I would undoubtedly class Craig the better bond.


This assignment allowed me to wright a comparison piece comparing one bond to the other. This allowed me to state my opinion and wright how I felt about Daniel Craig as the new bond. With the release of skyfall just around the corner, a film I was eagerly awaiting to see, the subject was of interest to me at the time.