For this assignment we were asked to create a Panoramic Image on photoshop, and then edit something into are image that wasn’t originally in the photographs we had taken.

This is my panoramic Image.


So to create My panorama, I first went out with my camera and took various photos of a view, turning slightly as I took each shot. I then opened photoshop and went to file, Automate, Photo merge.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 15.56.12

I used the auto layout and uploaded my images into the drop down bar.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 15.56.44

After Photoshop had loaded my panorama I then cropped the Image to get a tidy outline.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 15.58.25

The next step was to add something to the image that wasn’t already there. So i found an image of a tiger on the internet and loaded it in to Photoshop.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 17.01.59

I then used the magnetic lasso tool to select the tiger from this image.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 17.05.25

After this I simply dragged it on to my panoramic image and resized it slightly to fit in where I wanted it.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 17.06.13

Finally I adjusted the brightness and contrast of the tiger to match my Panorama.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 17.07.00

Final Image


Over all Im happy with my final image.


Colour Assignment

For this assignment we were asked to choses one of are images, and create 2 different copies of the Image by adjust the colour in photoshop, allowing us to change the over all mood and feel of the picture.

This is the picture I chose.


Here are my two Photoshop edits.

edit 1

edit 2jpg

First I used the magnetic selection tool to select the area I wanted to remain the same as it was in the origional image.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 14.01.00

I then selected the inverse of the selection allowing me to alter the background colour and keep my selection the same.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 14.10.56

After selecting the inverse I adjusted the Hue and saturation of this selection until I found a point and style I was happy with.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 14.11.28Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 14.18.06


I feel this method successfully altered the mood and feel of my image, using the magnetic tool on such small areas such as around strands of grass was extremely difficult. Despite this I feel my adjustments added a nice surrealistic element to my images.

Semiotics 2

For this assignment we were asked to chose one of are own photographs and answer the following questions.

This is the photograph I chose


Identify the signifiers in this picture?

The signifiers in this picture are the building its self, the decrepit state of the building and the overgrown shrubbery that surround it.

What do they signify?

They signify abandonment and decay.

What does the signifier and it’s signified form?

They for a representation of a place forgotten by the community in which it sits, left to over grow and decay, a waste of space that is no longer needed by the people who created it.

How do the signs in this picture combine to form a message?

This image is of an old metal merchants and the land that surrounds it is an old industrial site with many other buildings similar to this one, left out of use to decay. How apparent the message is from this image alone I’m not sure but I took this photograph as part of a larger piece I did on industrial abandonment and decay.

For me both when taking the series of photographs and when looking at them, the message I was trying to portray still stands. With the recession are country had found its self in still being a fairly fresh topic when these picture were taken. It was apparent to be that many of the things the country now needed we had either sold, abandoned or discarded. In a country that now has so few exports and so many imports. In January 2004 a trading economic report showed that exports of goods and services only equated to 25.47 % of the countries GDP. How could the country expect to have stayed afloat when it produces so little to be sold overseas.

The message I was aiming to portray through not only this image but through the series of images I had taken, was that maybe in hindsight the things we abandoned and left to rot, were exactly what we needed.


News Photography

For this assignment we were asked to look at two news stories with two different types of coverage and assess how they differ.

The two stories I have chosen are about 3 UK soldiers that were recently killed in an armoured vehicle by a road side bomb in Afghanistan. One of these articles is form the Telegraph and the other is from BBC news.

Photograph from The Telegraphs article.


Photograph from the BBC news article.


Both these stories cover the same incident however the Telegraph article puts its main focus on David Cameron with no mention of the men who were killed or their positions in the military.

The article written by the BBC news focuses more on the men that were killed, their loved ones and the sacrifice they made for their country.

Both the addresser and the addressee are extremely different for these two texts.

The Telegraph

Here the addresser take’s a political standing on the coverage of this article. Basing the piece around David Cameron looking into the safety of the armoured vehicle the soldiers were in. The article quotes spokesmen, Nick Clegg and David Cameron suggesting a political incite into the matter in hand. This in turn suggests the addressee is likely to have an opinion on political agendas, and if they don’t one is likely to be created through reading this article.

For example why is David Cameron looking into the £1 million pound vehicle these three men died in. This heavily armoured vehicle that is said to be most resilient to road side bombs and favoured by soldier’s as the safest option.

Maybe David Cameron is looking to make cut backs to the M.O.D’s budget. After this incident he may decide these vehicles don’t properly do their job, and are therefore are no longer a necessity. This is simply an Idea raised from the kind of questions bought up by the political standing of this article.


This article is written more for the common reader with its basis being more on what happened and the soldiers that were lost. The article puts the addressee in a position of pity and draws a negative conclusion on the war in Afghanistan the natural political position of the addresser tells us about the institution from which the article came. With the BBC being paid for and created for the people it can often be seen to cover articles in the ways we what to read them. For example the article focuses on the knock on effect of losing a loved one for the soldiers families and partners. With a quote from a soldiers wife on how devastated she is to have lost him. This article over all portrays a negative view on the war, an opinion that seems to be shared by the majority. It is clear that this article was written by the addresser with this in mind.


This article has helped me look deeper in to news article and the institutions they come from. It has also helped be look deeper in to the standing point of the addresser and the addressee, how articles can be written to incite a feeling or provoke an idea. As well as this it has helped me to understand why the addresser might take a certain position when creating a text, what might be their agenda or goal for the piece they have created.

Image and text

For this task we were asked to chose from a variety of images and then add a headline or a caption to the images we had chosen.

edit 3 copy ironic

owned-ouch-pw3d-15 copy

As you can see the images I chose were fairly humours, therefore I tried to add something funny within the text. With the second image I mimicked the text on the lorry whilst slightly changing it to for comedy value. With the 3rd image I copied the Fedex logo and added a small caption to make it seem like a funny advert.

Here we were asked to do the same thing using two of are own images.

9SC_3610 copy 9SC_9863 copy

With the first image I simply took the opportunity to make one of my friends look stupid by taking a relatively funny picture of him trying to have two phone conversations at once, and adding this text. The second image uses one of my favourite photographs. I then added a famous quote from the film (The shinning) as I thought it was in fitting with the image especially as the person in the photograph is named Jonny.

Image and text is a combination used constantly in the would we live in. It can be absorbed instantly and often subliminally as we pass bus stop advertising or flick through channels on the TV. Its used in magazines, newspapers on billboards, buses and the list goes on……..

Here are some more examples of Image and text.


Image and text used for album covers.






In Newspapers

News_Citizen-150208 newspaper-article-14 titanic-newspaper-article-7

Movie Posters




With the exception of news papers using a simple and generic black ink and plane font, other texts tend to use text font and colour that is in fitting with the image, in order to make the overall appearance aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some examples of advertising my company (Frontline Leeds) have used to promote are brand and club nights.

Design Used as a Facebook Banner to promote are next night online.


Brand Logo




There are many things that come under consideration when creating texts like this, The finished product needs to catch the eye of the viewer and also contain all the relevant information. Text layout, font and the background image all have to be aesthetically pleasing and in fitting with each other.


This task has caused me to look into different ways image and texts can be coupled together and how different styles can be used to fit different texts.


For this assignment we were asked to take a bus or a train to a place we haven’t been before, with me being me I didn’t do this. Instead I took a train to Manchester a city I know reasonably well and then a bus from Oxford Road to Fallowfield to meet a friend I was going out with latter that night. I arrived In Manchester relatively early giving me most of the day to wander the city with my camera before moving on to Fallowfield. I took numerous Photographs of the city from various viewpoints such as platform 13 at Piccadilly Station, the top floor of the multi-storey car park in the northern quarter, and various street corners. I tried to take photographs of sights I had previously seen in the city and thought would make a good photograph.

Platform 13

9SC_0240 9SC_0249

Buildings outside the station


Piccadilly Gardens



Sculpture In The Northern Quarter


Views From the Top floor Car park

9SC_0282 9SC_0284 9SC_0287


The Palace theatre on Oxford Road


This Photo shoot became split in to two parts as I continued to take photographs on the bus to Fallowfield, by this time it had gone dark allowing me to capture the city in a new light.

Oxford Road



On The Bus

9SC_0400 9SC_0403

As I took pictures through the window of the bus I noticed I could also capture the reflection of the other side of the road and the people behind me, adding a surrealist aspect to my Images.

9SC_0406 9SC_0417 9SC_0418

This Image of a musician crossing the road with his guitar on his back is my favourite picture from the shoot. I’m unsure why, it just seems to appeal to me.

9SC_0442 9SC_0448

After Looking back across these picture I felt the night time images, especially those taken on the bus, better portrayed the madness the city. I then took 3 of these images and enhanced their surrealism using various Photoshop techniques.

Here are my edited images.

edit 1

edit 3

edit 4


Over all I think this assignment went well, I feel I captured the essence of the city and although I didn’t do exactly what I was asked, I believe I made this task my own covering the city in different lights from different view points. If the point of going some where we had never been was to discover, then I guess the point of my shoot was to rediscover.

Here Is some more travel Photography taken my me In Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains.

9SC_6186 9SC_6247 9SC_6285 9SC_6492 9SC_6553 9SC_6570 9SC_6935 9SC_6949


As I was stood on a roof top coffee garden taking photographs of the views out across the market place, a fight suddenly broke out between locals in the busy court yard below me. Luckily I had my camera at the ready.

9SC_7015 9SC_7026 9SC_7028


For this assignment we were asked to take two photographs one of which the subject was supposed to fit the location, and the other was not, creating a contrast between the two images.

Here are my Images.




As you can see In my first image I tried to recreate an office environment and had my subject wearing a suit. Unfortunately the lighting was poor and I think I could have benefitted from using a extendable flash. For my second Image we recreated an office environment in the woods to create a contrast in location. As you can see the subject is wearing a different suit, as we managed to misplace the original in between the two shoots. Despite this I think I managed to create a strong contrast between the locations. I’m not sure why but regrettably my images have become less sharp when I uploaded them on to my blog.